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Church Week Participation Guidelines


Rural King is relaunching an old program called Church Week. With this program, Rural King will donate 10% of all qualifying receipts turned in, back to the registered organization of the customer's choice.

Registration of Approved Organization:

Christian based organizations will register on ruralking.com. If they meet the criteria and are approved by our internal process, their organization will show up on the ruralking.com website as an available organization to receive donations.

Qualifying Criteria for Approved Organizations:

The qualification process shall encompass review and approval based on the following factors:
  1. the organization must be within a 60 mile radius of one of Rural King's physical store locations;
  2. the organization must be a Christian based organization;
  3. the organization must be in good standing, and registered to do business;
  4. the organization must provide Rural King with its W9 and proof of tax exempt status;
  5. the applicant organization must acknowledge and consent to all terms and conditions of the Church Week program, including consent to Rural King listing the applicant organization's name on its website as a designated organization or beneficiary for marketing purposes; and
  6. consider all other factors deemed relevant in the sole and unfettered discretion of Rural King.
All Organizations shall be approved in the complete discretion of Rural King, based upon the above qualifying criteria. The terms and conditions of this program may be changed at any time, with notice of any change to be posted on the Rural King website.


For a 2 week period, customers that shop at Rural King will be able to enter their receipt information on ruralking.com and choose an approved organization that will then be the recipient of 10% of the total on that receipt. Each receipt may only qualify for Program approval one time under the Program, and approved receipts may not be re-submitted.


30 days after the end of the campaign (to account for returns) the final amount to each organization will be determined and checks will be sent to the 'home store' (as decided in the registration phase). The stores will then distribute the checks to the organizations.

Additional Terms:

As a condition of my organization being considered for this program, I hereby acknowledge that all pre-approved organizations are only granted conditional approval, subject to final review prior to distribution of proceeds. I specifically acknowledge and understand that pre-approved organizations that are permitted to be designated as potential beneficiaries of the program (including ones published on the website as such) are still subject to final review prior to distribution, and all organizations must meet all program requirements, and comply with all terms and conditions of the program to receive program distributions.

I, as authorized agent of my organization, hereby agree to all terms and conditions of the Church Week Program, including but not limited to all qualifying criteria for approved organizations, as outlined on the Rural King website, and I specifically further acknowledge that the program and all terms and conditions of the program may be changed at any time, with notice of any change to be posted on the Rural King website.

PLEASE NOTE: If your organization participated in previous Church Week events, you do not need to re-register.